E.P. Thompson / New Left / Factory System / Method Study / Dead Man Working (read more)
Taylorism / Third Reich / Braverman / Nazi Stakhanovites / class struggle / chaos (read more)
Hawthorne effect / Marconi Co. / the prodigal son returns (read more)
A summary of the proceedings of the VAHS Voluntary Work conference at the University of Southampton, 10 October 2012. (read more)
Industrial research / archives / on being organised / research methods (read more)
*Updated with more clues* A challenge for any budding detectives out there. Please help me identify this man. (read more)
Some wonderful historical examples of technological regression at times of shortages, wars, and sieges. (read more)
I organised a conference on Britain in World War Two at Imperial College on Wednesday 9 November. The event was such a success that I thought a roundup would be useful, particularly for those unable to attend the event. (read more)
In this short essay I compare George Orwell's experiences of the Spanish Civil War (1936-9) with present reports of the conflict in Libya. I argue that the goals of social and political revolution have been considerably transformed - indeed normalised - over the last eight decades. (read more)
In this essay I compare the task of ink measurement as commented upon by two Marxists. Yes, you read that right. I note how there's more than meets the eye in this seemingly humdrum action. Context matters considerably. (read more)